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Backup Software Software Download
Windows Registry SWEEP (Cleaner) 2008.1
Windows Registry SWEEP is the latest in PC error diagnostic and repair. Windows Registry SWEEP will do a complete scan and clean of your entire file system and registry in under 2 minutes! All corrupt files, paths, and registry keys will be analyzed and automatically repaired so that your PC functions just as when you first purchased it, Guaranteed.
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Sync Now! 4.1.2
Sync Now! is a Powerful & Easy-to-use sync utility. Sync Now! can back up your files and synchronize PCs, servers, ZIP disks, network folders and laptops. It Designed for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003. Sync Now! can synchronize your important data with the fastest speed and the simplest operation. With task scheduler, you set-it-and-forget-it. Sync Now! can keep your important data synchronized automatically. Never ever lost your data
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NovaBACKUP 10.0.25
New NovaBACKUP 10, NovaStor's award winning software, now incorporates standard backup, online backup, and disk-imaging disaster recovery technology. With 2GB free online backup for 1 year, NovaBACKUP makes it easy to follow best-practice data protection procedures. Easy setup and step-by-step wizards make this the perfect tool for you and your company, and a great data protection solution for home and small business users.
novastor, backup, backup software, system backup, computer backup, online backup, disk-imaging, data backup, dvd backup, disk to disk backup,
Super Mp3 Editor 5.0
Super Mp3 Editor is a professional digital sound editor. It enables you to record and modify any audio files as you wish, which means you can record and play sounds, import and export audio files, drag-and-drop, trim, copy, paste, split and merge files. Super Mp3 Editor also provides you over 20 cool real-time effects to apply to each file.
backup software, outlook express backup, online schedule backup,
Handy Backup SFTP 5.4.7
Backup to DVD, CD/R/-RW, FTP/SFTP, USB, Flash or LAN with Zip64 on-the-fly compression, strong 128-bit encryption and a flexible backup scheduler under Windows 9x/ME/NT 4.x/2000/XP with an easy to use yet powerful backup program. Can also backup ICQ files, Outlook and Outlook Express files, Registry and My Documents, Favorites and Desktop folders. An extensive backup solution with a great deal of useful features will protect your valuable data.
backup, backup software, backup to dvd, backup to dvd rw, backup to cd rw, backup to flash, encryption, backup to ftp, backup icq, backup outlook,
Handy Backup Professional 6.1.0
Handy Backup Pro is an automatic computer backup software for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008 Server certified with the "Works with Windows Vista" logo. Performs automatic PC file and hard drive image backup to DVD/CD, Blu-ray, HD DVD, FTP, USB, Flash, FireWire, LAN and online. Can also clone hard drive, sync PCs, backup Outlook, Registry and other data. Supports scheduling, ZIP compression, blowfish encryption and can run as Windows service.
backup software, handy backup, automatic backup, windows backup, hard drive backup, disk image backup, online backup, remote backup, hard drive clone, outlook backup,
Handy Backup Service 5.4.5
Backup to DVD, CD/R/-RW, FTP, USB, Flash or LAN with Zip64 on-the-fly compression, strong 128-bit encryption and a flexible backup scheduler with an easy to use yet powerful backup program. Can also backup ICQ files, Outlook and Outlook Express files, Registry and My Documents, Favorites and Desktop folders. An extensive backup solution with a great deal of useful features will protect your valuable data. You can run Handy Backup in service mode.
backup, backup software, backup to dvd, backup to dvd rw, backup to cd rw, backup to flash, encryption, backup to ftp, backup icq, backup outlook,
PC Backup
PC Backup's technology has been helping users recover from data loss and disasters for over 17 years. Support for hundreds of the most popular storage devices and a step-by-step Backup and Restore Wizard makes PC Backup easy to use. Keep your data safe automatically with PC Backup?s new integrated scheduler. Advanced design, powerful features and a simple interface make PC Backup the ideal backup software for desktops, laptops, servers, and sma
backup software, data backup software, file backup software, back up computer,
Relative Rev Backup (RRB) 4.2
Hassle Free Incremental Backup to Disk Software - with Backup Generation Manager. Relative Rev backup (RRB?) can backup endless generations into disk, keeping backup history of months and even years. Minimizing user intervention, backup space and time by a factor of 20-100. Providing precise single session data and system state recovery. Powerful, yet intuitive to use. Perfect for professionals, and small to mid-size businesses.
backup software, backup, disk to disk relative rev backup, data backup, backup to disk, d2d, full backup, incremental backup, differential backup, backup utility,
Langmeier Backup 3.2
Langmeier Backup is an easy to use data backup program. Any drive recognised by Windows and FTP servers can be used to store the backup data. Langmeier Backup allows fast and easy access to all archived files and folders, even without the backup program installed on the machine from where you wish to access the data. Files can be recovered from the backup data when required by simply browsing or searching for them with Windows Explorer.
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NovaNET Network Backup 11
NovaNET tape and disk backup software for Windows, NetWare, and Linux networks is designed for cross-platform environments to meet the demands of users with homogeneous or mixed operating systems installed, all of which can be centrally managed through a common graphical user interface. Convenient features for remote administration, distributed backup, redundant tape drives, database protection and disaster recovery are seamlessly integrated.
backup, network backup, windows backup, file backup, server backup, backup software, linux, netware, windows 2003, windows 2000,
Backup4all 3.11
Highly configurable backup program with intuitive explorer style interface. Performs full, incremental, differential and mirror backups. Has wizards for backup & restore, powerful file filters and scheduler. Creates standard zip files or exact copies of files, spans to multiple disks, keeps track of file versions, has built-in CD/DVD burner, backs up to FTP, backs up open files, sends email notifications, command line and AES encryption support.
backup4all, backup, backup software, full backup, differential backup, incremental backup, mirror backup, ftp backup, usb backup, backup open files,
Win Backup Software 1.6.8
Win Backup Software makes it easier than ever before to secure your data by making regular backups. Not only will the Backup Software help you organize your backups and schedule automatic backups, it will also protect your data using the latest encryption techniques, compress data to save space, create detailed logs of all backup operations and more.
backup software, outlook express backup, online schedule backup,
Relative Rev Backup for Server 5.1
Relative Rev Backup creates on disk an archive of file-level incremental backup revisions that go back months. It keeps a predetermined number of daily weekly and monthly versions, without multiplying the backup space as other incremental solutions. It swiftly recovers any file/folder that had been unnoticeably lost or corrupted since many days or months; solving the need for multiple recovery sessions when using incremental backup.
backup software, backup versions, disk to disk backup, backup to disk, d2d, full backup, incremental backup, server backup, backup utility, incremental backup software,
TurboBackup 6.0
TurboBackup lets you backup Windows System State, data, E-mail message, contact, registry, system settings, photo, music, and documents directly to DVD, CD, Disk, and Network, remote server, on demand or via scheduler. Recover data from hardware failure, software error, and virus attack. It offers Zip (9 levels) and proprietary compression with encryption; performs full and incremental backup with filters. It comes with step-by-step backup and restore Wizards.
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Relative Rev Backup 2.21
Take countless incremental snapshots of your files/folders/drives to the same backup media, retain several backup versions, automate backup scheduling and deletion of outdated backup versions. Restore any backup version in a single restore session. It is a powerful yet intuitive to use solution, supports any media (HDD, CDRW, DVD+/-RW, Zip disk ?) mapped to a drive letter including UNC paths, and it is compatible with Windows 98/NT4.0/2000/XP.
backup software, backup, relative rev backup, relative reversion backup, data backup, handy backup, backup dvd, full backup, incremental backup, differential backup,
Visual Backup Manager LITE 1.50
Visual Backup Manager is a complete, secure and reliable backup and synchronization solution. Manage your file backups on PC or LAN and online through FTP/SFTP with common grid view and unique visual diagram display. Website publishing function included. Advanced Automatic Scheduling feature enables users to save time on repeated sync and backup tasks. Backup files can be password protected to provide the maximum security of personal information.
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ABC Backup Pro 4.76
This program allows you to create backups at various different compression levels, automatically backups data on schedule to local or remote storages, network drives and ftp servers, supports writing to CDR, CDRW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW or DVD+RW compatible media, has the ability to back up exclusively opened files like Outlook .PST files. The program can either mirror your data "as is" or create archived zip files (gzip compatible).
backup, backup software, backup program, software, backups, program, file, ftp, schedule, time-table,
Argentum Backup 2.60
A handy, small, easy backup program to easily back up your documents and folders. Safely protects you from accidental deletes, overwrites, and viruses. Backups are stored in Zip files and can be created both manually and automatically. Includes templates to back up Windows registry, Windows desktop, e-mail messages, Outlook folders, database of your messenger: ICQ, MSN, Yahoo!, AOL. Suitable for both beginners and advanced users.
backup, backup software, backup program, software, argentum, windows, xp, zip,
Tag Backup & Restore 1.1
Tag archiving utility for MP3s and other digital audio files. Backup and restore tag data to and from MS Acess 2000 database files (.mdb), Excel worksheets (.xls), or delimited text files(.csr). Includes integrated real-time tag editor and file renamer.
mp3 tag editors, tag backup and restore, tag clinic, mp3 tag backup, mp3 tag restore, m4a tag editor, tag music, batch file renamer, rename files, backup software,
Handy Backup Lite 5.4
Handy Backup Lite is an easy-to-use freeware backup program designed for an automatic backup and restore of your critical data virtually to any type of storage media including CD disks and remote FTP servers. You can use Handy Backup Lite to make a reserve copy of any valuable data on your system.
backup, backup software, compression, encryption, ftp, lan, free download,
DoubleSafety 4.1
DoubleSafety is a program for automatic data backup. With an effortless user interface, you can store backups on your hard drive or use a local area network, send them to an FTP server or write to a CD or a DVD. You can also automatically encrypt data using the 256-bit AES algorithm. Download the installation file and get 30 days of joyous security.
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ShadowProtect Server Edition 2.0
StorageCraft ShadowProtect Server Edition creates automatic online backups of your servers including the operating system, applications, settings and data. Provides a simple view to restore or update files and folders to your existing backup images for complete data protection. ShadowProtect provides bare metal disaster recovery of Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server and Small Business Server in minutes.
windows server, data backup, dr, backup, online backup, backup software, disaster recovery, data protection, windows exchange, windows sql,
ShadowProtect Desktop Edition 2.0
StorageCraft? ShadowProtect Desktop Edition creates an automatic online backup of your entire system including the operating system, applications, personal settings and data. Complete disaster recovery of your PC or laptop in minutes. ShadowProtect provides a simple view to restore or update files and folders to your existing backup images. Automatically save online backup images to USB, FireWire, NAS or any network location.
data backup, dr, backup, online backup, backup software, disaster recovery, data protection, automated backup windows xp, archive,
Backup Wolf 3.21
The Backup Software Solution for Home/Business. Featuring state-of-the-art technology and an intuitive interface, this powerful software will protect you from data disasters and make the entire backup process effortless and quick. Easy to use Step-by-Step design. Fast precision backups. Full and Incremental backup options. Backup across network drives. Updates old backups in seconds. STOP Risking Your Data! DEFEND IT with Backup Wolf. FREE TRIAL.
backup, backup software, back up software, recover, file, utility, restore, system, back up, data,
Titan Backup 2.1
Titan Backup is an easy-to-use, flexible and affordable solution, designed for secure backups of your important data. It can make automatic backups of your priceless files and documents, emails and rules, registry, settings, virtually on any type of storage media including CD/DVD-RW, removable devices, network drives and remote FTP servers.Using 256-bit AES strong encryption will ensure full security of your confidential data.
titan backup, backup, data backup, backup software, remote backup, file backup, outlook backup, registry backup, backup program, cd backup,
Back4Win includes Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird backup. It's safe and easy to use. ZIP compression ensures that your data will be accessible regardless of which PC operating system, or version you are using (eg Linux, Windows(all) Mac and so on). Can restore from a disk which has lost the directory reference (most ZIP programs cannot do this). Does not have 4Gb and 65535 file limit of other ZIP backup programs.
backup, backup software, computer backup, data backup, mozilla, thunderbird, firefox, backup utility, window backup, zip,
Back4WinXP 5074
Burn backup discs to CD-R, DVD-R etc with this full-featured utility. Reliable and easy to use. Backup data accessible in Linux, Windows(all) Mac and so on. Stealth mode monitors and automatically backs up selected files as they are changed, keeping each version. Instant Backup with only one mouse click! Backup your data as an EXE file that can be expanded on most machines without decompression software. Many other features incl Mozilla backup.
backup, backup software, computer backup, data backup, backup utility, window backup, zip, xp, cd,
TimeBackup 2.3
TimeBackup is an easy-to-use program designed to automatically backup of your critical data to a local disk, DVD, CD-R/W, the Network neighborhood or remote FTP servers. You can use TimeBackup to make a reserve copy of any valuable data on your system manually or automatically. It is a simple yet powerful backup solution for your business or for your personal needs in a networking environment or on a single machine.
backup software, disaster recovery, corporate solutions, backup, corporate products, server, workstation, trial download online,
ViceVersa PRO 2.0
Windows File Synchronization, File Replication and Backup Software. ViceVersa PRO delivers an easy way to backup, mirror, replicate and synchronize files and folders. ViceVersa works with any type of storage media on laptop, desktop, servers. ViceVersa implements both on-demand visual execution or automatic set-it-and-forget-it scheduled operation. Synchronize, replicate, mirror, backup files and folders with ease.
file synchronization, file replication, file backup, backup software, file mirroring, file distribution, folder synchronization, synchronize files, synchronize folders,


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